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12915---FCPGA --> FCPGA2 converter (Tualatin)

Artikelcode: 12915

12915---FCPGA --> FCPGA2 converter (Tualatin)

FC-PGA Socket 370 to Tualatin CPU Adapter
General Features:
Adapts Socket 370 motherboards made for FC-PGA processors for use with FC-PGA2 (Tualatin) processors 
Also adapts Socket 370 motherboards made for PPGA processors for use with FC-PGA (Coppermine) processors 
Adds approximately 3/8 inch to the height of the processor / cooler combination 
Retail Package Includes:
- Socket 370 Adapter with three jumpers
- Instructions printed on back of box 
This adapter will not increase the available Front Side Bus (FSB) speed of the motherboard. Your motherboard must support the FSB of your desired processor for its full speed potential to be used. 
Additional jumpers may be needed for proper set up 
May not work with all motherboards. A motherboard BIOS update may be necessary 

euro 19.00